Finally, I’m able to come up with the name of my new blog. There’d been a lot of thinking done about the name and or what should I write on it and what should it be about. I have a lot blog names popping out on my mind… Kept thinking and thinking and thinking for a name after thinking of a new name that would pop up in my head. But ding!! I realized I’m only making it soo complicated so why not make it plain, simple and direct to the point. “ilovekimjaejoong” was originally what I’ve thought about but sadly it’s taken so I used “ilovejaejoongssi”. 왜요??? because I’m a fan of the KIMJAEJOONG – the artist and I love him. I added ~ssi to show RESPECT to 김재중씨.

Who am I?! The one reading this may asks?! My name is KAT and you don’t need to know anything more about me^^. I don’t really care if someone reads this or not because my only goal in making this blog is to show my support and love for JJ of JYJ. I just want to voice out what’s on my freaking head so that it wouldn’t drive crazy that much and it’s perfectly fine with me if noone cares. Mind your own business dawg! And one more thing, I hate it when people put KimJaeJoong down. He just don’t deserve to be treated badly. I’ll use this blog to defend him. How?! Watch me.

By the way, he won the best new actor on yesterdays’ MBC Drama awards. I’m just so happy that he’s able to established his name as an actor. Now he’s able to earn the bragging rights to be called “Kim Jaejoong- The Artist” not just a singer but also a versatile actor and many more. As a kimjaejoong fan I couldn’t be any happier for him. His achievements are our happiness (fans). How I wish heaven would let me marry him! Maybe yes, maybe not… Who knows?! maybe someday our hearts can meet. (I’m crossing my fingers though) Hehehe…

당신이 자랑 스럽습니다!
축하!! 당신이 최고예요!
내 널 사랑해 김재중!
어떻게 당신이 이것 읽 소원. 항상 돌 봐!

김재중 파이팅! ^^

JYJ 파이팅!



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