[INFO] Jaejoong’s mini solo-album

From JYJ’s emotional, delicate, and beloved vocalist Kim Jaejoong’s first solo mini-album “I”.

Co-produced by Kim Jaejoong, recognized as a singer-songwriter who worked on JYJ’s album and songs from his dramas and movies.

Kim Jaejoong wants to work on a rock genre album with collaboration from Kim Bada, vocalist of Sinawe and only Kim Jaejoong’s explosive vocals can give justice to the songs. After 10 years since his debut, the lyrics of all the songs directly captured and expressed all the emotions he felt while working as a singer and actor. It is also an honest confession about his life through music. To describe this album, it is simply a “piece of work”.

01 One Kiss (Lyrics – Kim Jaejoong / composer – Kim Bada / arranger – Shaun)
“One Kiss” makes use of a full synthesizer, but the song combined with Kim Jaejoong’s husky treble…

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“Your, My & Mine”

Recently, our Kim Jaejoong released teasers for his 1st solo album. The teasers are basically Kim Jaejoong at his best :




He will be releasing the “YOUR, MY, MINE” album on January 17 and will hold very special mini concerts/ fan-meeting on January 26 & 27 to celebrate his birthday.

I’m still curious about the kind of remark Jaejoong will give us with this 1st album. His wide range and soulful voice will surely give us chills. The rock genre fits him perfectly. I’m excited for this album because I’d be able to hear him sing more songs of his own. This is surely a great start on 2013 for Jaejoong and JYJ after the epic battle with SM has finally come to an official end.

This album is not the start, it is just a “TEASER” for Jaejoong and JYJ because for sure, this 2013 we will be one of the best year for these cool dudes. We will be looking forward to more of their activities as solo artists and as a group. Surely, there is more to come. I personally have bigger expectations for Jaejoong.

Here is Jaejoong’s album cover. Handsome as ever.


If God will let me choose who to marry and spend the rest of my life with…. Can it be you Kim Jaejoong?!

YOUR smile makes MY heart beats faster.
I wish I can call you MINE.


HELLO 2013

I wonder what jaejoongie is currently doing. Probably, he’s busy wrapping up plans for his 1st album and birthday concert. I just can’t wait!! But sadly -_-, I won’t be able to witness it live. Nevertheless, I know he shall succeed not because he’s famous but simply because he is Kim Jaejoong. I wrote this post yesterday because I want to post something on 010113 but I fell asleep while finishing it up. Whichever, whatever.

파이팅! ^____^